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Posted: May 20, 2024
Salary:US$18 - US$21 per hour + PTO, 401k, Medical/Vision/Dental Coverage
Job type: Contract
Work Location:On-site

Job description

Medix is a Joint Commission Certified staffing company who helps some of the top Hospitals and Organizations in the Chicago area and Chicago suburbs hire for their Phlebotomist openings. This specific phlebotomist opening is an urgent request and we are looking to get people interviewing ASAP!

Job Description:

Mobile phlebotomists work in a variety of environments, so specific duties may vary between settings. However, based on postings that we analyzed, they all share several core responsibilities:

  • Collect Blood

Mobile phlebotomists collect patient blood donations and samples. They prepare blood collection equipment, including needles, tubing, and collection bags. They then find patients' veins, clean and sanitize the skin, and extract the required amount of blood. Post-collection, mobile phlebotomists clean the extraction area, providing bandages to patients.

  • Conduct Patient Intake

Mobile phlebotomists follow patient intake procedures. They interview patients to gather medical histories and other pertinent information, verify patient identities, and take note of patient questions or concerns. For events such as blood drives, mobile phlebotomists also ask patients about risk factors such as recent tattoos or travel, checking a small sample of blood to ensure that the patient is able to donate.

  • Label and Store Samples

After taking donations or samples, mobile phlebotomists label and safely store blood collection vessels. Phlebotomists adhere to strict medical standards and practices to ensure that patient samples remain safe to handle and free of contamination. They transport blood collection bags to refrigerated storage, ensuring that the samples contain vital data about the patient.

  • Travel to Patient Locations

The main difference between mobile phlebotomists and those who work within a dedicated healthcare facility is that mobile phlebotomists travel directly to patient or client locations. This can include nursing homes or rehabilitation centers, as well as businesses and public spaces where blood drives take place. Mobile phlebotomists sometimes need to drive refrigerated vehicles to these locations, ensuring that they have all necessary supplies to collect blood samples and donations.

  • Maintain Patient Records

Mobile phlebotomists maintain detailed patient records, making note of medical issues or illnesses reported by patients during the collection process. They ensure patient privacy and confidentiality in accordance with medical regulations. They also ensure that medical professionals receive patient information along with their blood samples.

  • Transport Samples to Laboratories

Lastly, many mobile phlebotomists transport blood samples to laboratories for testing and processing. This includes transporting the samples using refrigeration and other preservation techniques, ensuring that samples are correctly logged during the intake process, and working with laboratory technicians to transport blood samples once they are delivered.

Estimated pay rate:

Up to $21/ hour - Completely based upon experience


Geriatric Phlebotomy Experience Required

Phlebotomist Certification Preferred

Phlebotomist Diploma Preferred

This is a great long term Phlebotomy opportunity with a great company and the people who work there enjoy working there.