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Medical Records Clerk

Posted: May 29, 2024
Salary:US$18.00 - US$24.00 per hour + PTO, Medical, Dental, and Vision
Job type: Permanent
Discipline:Revenue Cycle
Work Location:On-site

Job description

Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm

This individual will be working on the scanning of charts that are not in the system. These charts all come in bundles, so they will have to review the paper work and take out many documents including confidential notes and registration reports. These documents need to be taken out because once they are scanned into the system and a patient asks for those records to be released, EVERYTHING in that record goes out. They will be provided a list/training on what to keep in the record and what needs to be removed prior to scanning.
The individual will then scan the records, and then move to the next record bundle and repeat.
The urgency of the records that need to be scanned start with Emergency Department, Surgery, Inpatient, Cardiology, other specialties and so forth.
Training: Will be short but will be all they need, about 2-3 days. During this time, they will meet everyone on staff, get their ID, review specific tasks they will be working on, as well as procedures. They will be "spoon fed" the information and then work with the coordinator or lead on shift to get them ready to be on their own.
This individual should be flexible in pivoting tasks if needed. The medical records reps also prepare some charts for the next day for scanners to start quickly. It may be expected of them at times to prep the charts for the day ahead.
There will be 2 associates that will be working the evenings, so this individual must have autonomy and dependability as they really will be loosely managed.
System they work on: Onbase
Metrics: They are looking at about 2,000 images a night. They have another group that is working records that are slated to do about 280,000 images in 8 weeks. This is attainable by their standards and who will be slated to work.
Selling Points
Luries is a top organization to work for. Ability to prove themselves if there are more opportunities that come up after their project is done.

3-5 Must Have Skills/Qualifications
Need to have Medical Records background. Rhea is less concerned about years of experience and more so looking for if this person has worked with medical records/charts in the past and can speak to what is within charts and how to find information on them.

PLUS if they have paper medical records experience, actually working with charts that are physical and not electronic. She knows this probably will be hard to find given today's world but if we have someone that meets that criteria, they are our top candidate.

Can work well with technology and is proficient in their work as they will remain busy.

Nice to Have Skills
Onbase system experience

Soft Skill/Attribute Requirements
Need to work well with others (friendly, willing to help others, good culture fit like someone we would ask who works at Medix)

Dependable and Reliable (will be working w/o supervision. Someone who can come in and get the work done!)

Flexible in pivoting tasks when they need