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Document Control Coordinator

Posted: June 03, 2024
Salary:US$23.00 - US$25.00 per hour
Job type: Permanent
Discipline:Life Sciences
Work Location:On-site

Job description


As a Quality Analyst in the food manufacturing industry, you will play a crucial role in ensuring that products meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and compliance with regulations. You will be responsible for monitoring various stages of the production process, conducting inspections, analyzing data, and implementing quality control measures to maintain consistency and excellence in our products.

Key Responsibilities:

Quality Assurance Monitoring: Conduct routine inspections and audits of production processes, equipment, and facilities to ensure compliance with food safety standards and regulations.

Product Testing and Analysis: Perform thorough testing and analysis of raw materials, in-process samples, and finished products using appropriate methods and equipment to verify quality specifications.

Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate records of quality tests, inspection results, and any deviations from standards. Prepare detailed reports summarizing findings and recommending corrective actions as necessary.

Hold Log Management: Review and manage hold log. Verify execution of dispositions and inventory.

Continuous Improvement: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify areas for improvement in quality processes, product formulations, and manufacturing practices. Implement corrective and preventive actions to enhance overall quality performance.

Supplier Quality Management: Evaluate and monitor the quality of incoming raw materials and packaging components from suppliers. Work closely with vendors to address quality issues and ensure compliance with specifications.

Regulatory Compliance: Stay informed about relevant food safety regulations, industry standards, and best practices. Ensure that all quality assurance activities align with regulatory requirements and company policies.

Training and Development: Provide training to production personnel on quality control procedures, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and food safety protocols. Foster a culture of quality awareness and accountability throughout the organization.

Customer Complaint Handling: Investigate customer complaints related to product quality or safety concerns. Implement corrective actions and communicate with customers to resolve issues and maintain satisfaction.

Additional work as assigned by Manager.


Bachelor's degree in Food Science, Microbiology, Chemistry, or related field.

Previous experience in quality assurance or food manufacturing preferred.

Strong knowledge of food safety regulations (FDA, USDA, etc.) and quality management systems (HACCP, SQF, GMP).

Proficiency in analytical techniques and quality testing methodologies.

Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills.

Effective communication and interpersonal abilities.

Ability to work independently and collaborate effectively in a team environment.

Familiarity with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and quality management software is a plus.

Physical Demands

Standing and Walking: Depending on the size of the manufacturing facility and the need for on-site inspections and audits, the QA Compliance Coordinator may need to stand and walk for extended periods.

Lifting and Carrying: Occasionally, there may be a need to lift and carry inspection equipment or samples of raw materials or finished products, which could require some physical strength.

Bending and Stooping: Inspecting production lines or conducting audits may involve bending or stooping to access equipment or examine processes closely.

Manual Dexterity: Handling paperwork, documentation, and electronic devices such as tablets or laptops may require good manual dexterity.

Visual and Auditory Requirements: The role may require visual and auditory acuity to inspect equipment, observe processes, and communicate effectively with team members.

Environmental Conditions: Working in a food manufacturing environment may expose the coordinator to various environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations, noise, odors, and humidity.